At my town's 4th of July celebration beer party!

and parade.

It was great fun to wear this stars and stripes USA flag outfit to my town's 4th of July parade. Lots of people loved it, heard that people were very positive about having seen me wearing this outfit, and took pictures of me in it, most with their friends next to me as group pictures.
Here I'm a chick magnet

An old friend, after viewing this web page, wrote me: "That's cool! Your Stars & Stripes duds are a keeper! Made you a likely legend among the locals and apparently, a chick magnet!" Also got several s, s and s on !

Just one snark:
"What's your deal dude ?? You dress up like a tool and now you want to look at the pictures 6 months later ?? For what purpose ??"

↢ She's got her phone out, about to take my picture after some beer!
The kid next to me in the Capt America Tshirt is not my son. ↣

Just some guys here below, everyone in flag themed clothing.

"Nice guy." "What a non freaky looking guy" "Yup. Totally normal. BTW his suit is rubber." "Nice outfits"

Something like 50 pictures. "Capt America" most people called me. "Where did you get that?", "isn't it hot wearing that?" and similar questions. And it was a great experience wearing it.

The weather wasn't too hot. And I could feel breezes cooling me thru this latex rubber suit and I didn't get that hot, as long as I stayed in the shade. I drank about a liter of Gatorade at the parade to keep hydrated. So I was comfortable.

Other times I wear this: