AudioKarma forums on antique stereo equipment
Australian vintage radio and TV forum
Heater voltage dropping capacitor, how to select value
Compactron AM radio
Sub-miniature tube AM radio
radio using both submini and compactron tubes
Run an AA5 off of 240V powerlines
Run an AA5 off of 100V powerlines, diagram
Using the 12BA7 pentagrid converter in an AA5
Using the 19HR6 high gain pentode in an AA5's IF stage
longer ferrite loopstick or larger loop antenna to capture more signal from the "air"
Using 12V B+ on plate space charge car radio tubes in an AA5
Replacing a 12SA7 with a 6SB7 in an AA5, 6dB more gain
Negative feedback in AA5 radio audio amps

AM loop antenna construction
Alaska Antique Radios
Allen Cutts' Antique Radios
The NEW Philco Repair Bench
Early TV Foundation
Jon's Antique Radios
Radio Era Archives
New Jersey Antique Radio Club
RGB Enterprises
Sam's photofact web page schematics
Classic Radio Gallery ...Merrill Mabbs - North Dakota - USA
Kev's free resource for (mainly) Aussie vintage wireless information, circuits, pictures, parts etc.
bunkerofdoom's truely downloadable PDFs of tube manuals, RCA, Slvania, Amperex, Raytheon, more
Electric Clocks
Clock radios

Amateur Radio Newsline weekly ham radio report texts
ARRL newsletters
Radio Amateur Information Network
AA9PW's exam page

FM only radios
Michael O'Brien Radio Nut web site
Old radio zone
Deco Radios from the 30's and 40's
Zenith Stratosphere radios
radiophile radios from 1930s and 1940s
Hagstar's Radioland, click "photos"
K8ZHD's old TV stuff page
John and Jean's Radio Gallery
Rod's New Zealand radios
The Sparkbench radio collection
Vintage Radio Repair and Restoration
British Vintage Wireless Internet Database
Radio Heaven
Hallicrafters Collector
Wouter's Antique Radio Site
Antique Radios from Brazil
Dave's Vintage Television Collection
MZTV TV museum
Early Tevevision Foundation
TV signal boosters and UHF converters

The next few sites are in Japanese, you can still look at pictures and click links. This Japanese character 本 looks like a diode...
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Japanese radio, just click the links and you get pictures.
and a few more Japanese radios.

Some European sites:
Nederlandse Vereniging voor de Historie van de Radio
The "Lampizator" page of modifying CD players with vacuum tubes in the analog audio circuits
my page on modifying CD players with vacuum tubes in the analog audio circuits
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web site showing a wide range of Hungarian & Soviet TVs
Collection Joël Poulain
COLLECTION RADIO-TV (French sets, in French)
Collection Joël Poulain, Bienvenue dans ma collection personnelle
Öreg Rádiók Honlapja
Perneky Sándor honlapja
Ódor Zoltán honlapja
Selyem Tóth Sándor kollekciója
Nagy Vilmos Orsós Magnó Múzeuma, reel to reel tape machines
A paksi Ragoncsa István gy?jteménye, radio club
Kubuk Béla rádiógy?jt? weboldala
Klimaj Mihály gy?jteménye Szarvasról
Radios Brasileiros
de Jean Dauphin ....
Radio the wireless connection
le site du meuble radio
issu de Reto-Phonia
Red Star radio site
a Russian site OTE4ECTBEHHAr PAAHOTEXHHKA 20 BEKA for vintage radios TVs tape machines in Russian, you can look at the pix and click links at random at least.
Nice Russian radio site
site tchčque Virtuální museum historické radiotechniky
Radioattic sales

Sarah's transistor radios
Gootee home page radios, audio
John Jenkins Vintage Radio
VRC Tezuka HP radios page
UALR ham radio club callsign database and other ham links
WA0JCV old radios and ham station
A.G. Tannenbaum's Home Page (service manuals, radios, equipment)
ebay's "collectables/radio/tube-1960-now" list
ebay's "collectables/radio/general" list
ebay's "collectables/radio/transistor" list
ebay's "collectables/TV sets list
ebay Aussie tube/valve radios list
John Okolowicz, N3VSR (grille cloths for your radios)
Ask Jan First, radios and tubes and stuff for sale
VTDATA (a complete tube manual you can buy for your computer)
The evolution of the 6SN7 tube and getters, plate color and such
Frank's electron tube data sheets pdf's
Phil's Old Radios ...Philip Nelson - USA
The Antique Radio Collector...Rich Mann - Ohio - USA

Nostalgia Air Tube sub guide and more

Rod's Classic & Antique Radios...Rod Rogers - Kansas - USA
Midwest radio museum

The Golden Age Of Radio... Alan Voorhees - California - USA

California Historical Radio Society
Antique Kilowatt/hour meters
Kilokat's antique light bulbs and tubes
Bill's Antique Christmas Light Site

Jim's Crosley Antique Radio Page... Jim Watson - USA

Radio Age
New Era Antiques... Steve Caiati - New York - USA
Play things of Past: Vintage radios, tubes, parts
Early '70s radios one of a very few sites on 1970's vintage radios I know of, it's my page.
'80s and 90's radios only site on 1980's and 90's vintage radios I know of, it's my page.
Not any more! Here's a Boombox Museum web site
Radios of the Y2K millennium
Antique Radio Classified - Great magazine
Harry Poster radios for sale
Brand's antique radios
Welcome to

The On Line Radio Trader - For sale and want ads
Triode electronics
Antique Electronics Supply AES's web page!
Vacuum Tube, Inc

Vacuum Tubes, Electron Tubes, Tubes, Tube Testers and Electronic Parts
Antique Radio Service repair service shop
Speaker Wire, A History
ultranalog audio projects
The "Lampizator" page of modifying CD players with vacuum tubes in the analog audio circuits
the sound of capacitors in hifi amps, an analysis by sbench
Tube CAD Journal on line magazine

a few Japanese audio and radio sites, some in English, try 'em.
I cut and pasted what I think are titles in Japanese (no I'm not Japanese literate). This Japanese character 本 says "diode" to me...

Use this computer driven translator site to translate to English
Or this computer driven translator
@˛‹vŠÔƒAƒ"ƒvˆ¤D‰ď Direct Heating
@^‹óŠÇƒAƒ"ƒvî•ń tube amp info
@Lux Corporation
^‹óŠÇƒ‰ƒWƒI Early Japanese radios, just click the underlined links for radio picture pages.
^‹óŠÇ Early Japanese tubes
Vintage Radio Collection, Japanese
JF1OZL radio projects
Evolve power audio amps
^‹óŠÇƒ‰ƒaƒIEƒ‰ƒWƒI Japanese tube radios

Welcome to Vacuum Tube Valley
The Radio History Society - Radio and TV, with radio related links
Museum of Radio & Technology/
Gerard's radios
Wumpus's old radio world
French radio site, in French Retro Phonia
Armstrong and FM
European Radio airchecks

Zenith Chassis Information - Zenith information
Curioscape - Directory for Antiquing and Collecting

Golden age of radio

New Jersey Antique Radio Club
K2TQN's old ham radio museum
The WA3KEY Collins museum

Extensive tube information
Richard Post collection of gear, with pointers to reviews in QST.
KD4CPL shows you his extensive BA inventory.
Radios, Jukes and More
Rolf Bergendorff's Radio Museum...from Sweden.
X.C. Radio Collection...a nice European collection.
The Alabama Historical Radio Society
Broadcast pioneers library
Historical Radio Society of Australia
Stone Vintage Radio

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Radio era archives
John and Jean antique radio, service
Antique radio repair service
Rolf Bergendorffs Radio Museum (Sweden ?)
The Crystal Radio Club W2DMC
sarsradio links
Tubes information. Trevor Gale´s centrepoint homepage
For Fans of old-time radios Old radios libraries, shareware, images.
Jim´s radio room. Transmitters, transmitter tubes
small milliwatt AM transmitter diagram. Build a pair, one on 640KHz (for left), the other on 1240KHz (right). Pipe in audio from a CD player, tune in on a pair of CONELRAD marked AM radios ("CD" marks) and listen. :-)
Vacuum tube milliwatt AM transmitter diagram, uses a common 6CS6 or with feedback a 12BE6 pentagrid tube.
wa2ise my other web site.
my other other page.
wa2ise leather suits
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