My leather suits ..

The burgundy suit up on the left I got in the mid 1980's. Middle is me in a double breasted blazer. On the right is me at the office, another at the office, and then is me at the office Xmas 2008 party.
Black leather: blazer, vest, pants, and shirt. Red leather tie. Cotton underwear A silver outfit, one of my friends called me a "Silver Angel". Last is my dark brown leather suit, tan leather shirt and skinny leather tie.

The ladies like my outfit:

Below left I'm wearing my college colors:

I often wear my suits to church and Burger King afterwards. I get complements favouring it.
Above right: She's got her phone out, about to take my picture after some beer!

And my latex rubber 4th of July outfit, many people at my town's 4th of July celebration loved it, and took pictures of themselves with me, like above right, and their friends with me in them (one below). Like last year, I was something of a chick magnet. As you can see, I had a good time at the 4th of July town beer party. The guy in the left background (above center pix) looks to be shocked at what he is seeing.

"What's your deal dude ?? You dress up like a tool and now you want to look at the pictures 6 months later ?? For what purpose ??"

Just some guys here, everyone in flag themed clothing.

"Nice guy." "What a non freaky looking guy" "Yup. Totally normal. BTW his suit is rubber." "Nice outfits"

Further down below are pictures of me in this from the previous year.

A short video of my three piece leather suit and tie, and another of my double breasted blazer suit and tie.
Left, here with red leather pants, red leather tie, and black leather shirt. Right is my dark brown leather suit, tan leather shirt, and skinny leather tie. Leather pants and leather shirt, and my 4th of July latex rubber catsuit (many women took selfies with me in this outfit).

Below are more pictures of my black suit and red suit.

Red suit with black leather shirt and red leather tie.

Here I am wearing the burgundy leather suit at a friend's wedding reception, back in 1985

Double breasted

At an Xmas party in the late '80's, again I'm wearing the burgundy suit.

At a friend's place, around 1988.

Pinterest leather suit page of mostly others in leather suits.

Here I'm imitating a statue from Cambodia.
Some fun with Photoshop, three pictures of my face planted atop those in these below pictures. Thus making these below fake photos.


I'm a gift to all these fine ladies.

It was great fun to wear this stars and stripes USA flag outfit (above right) to my town's 4th of July parade. Lots of people loved it, and took pictures of me in it, most with their friends next to me as group pictures. Something like 30 pictures. About five were selfies taken by ladies with just she and me in the picture. I was something of a chick magnet. "Capt America" most people called me. "Where did you get that?", "isn't it hot wearing that?" and similar questions. And it was a great experience wearing it.

The weather wasn't too hot. And I could feel breezes cooling me thru this latex rubber suit and I didn't get that hot, as long as I stayed in the shade. I drank about a liter of Gatorade at the parade to keep hydrated. So I was comfortable. Below are pictures with me viewing the parade.

My 入肉 "olympic" gold medal
At the pool, a rubber shirt and jeans. I wore this to work, people said "cool outfit!". And here's leather and rubber, ready for Halloween!

And at the office Xmas party: