Chassis of Radios

- Inside Starfire transistor radio

Note that the single station AM transistor set below is tuned to .

Just 6 miles away:

Inside the York TR103:
Same as: (this is my first radio)
Schematic diagram of the Lafayette and York sets. Note that I misspelled Toshiba, the "T" looked like an "F" on the transistors. Separate local oscillator in the front end.

A set a few models later (note similar layout of design of case and chassis):

I don't know who the manufacturer was, but it looks like they made sets for Lafayette, York and Truetone.

This radio above uses no transistors unless you count the thousands of transistors inside the two IC's used.

A hybrid GE AM/FM set, Solid state FM front end, tubed AM front end, all IF's, and audio.
RMC capacitor with triangular leads
Motorola 503

DeWald octal 150ma heater tube radio Before re-cap

Consul Deluxe

Sub mini tube radio web page, AM radio built using compactrons

Also at the Sub mini tube radio web page, at the bottom.

An ordinary solid state radio modified with a CK538DX sub-mini tube in the AM IF. Smallest tube I've ever seen.