Everyone talks about their rare radio sets. Well, these of mine are quite common. Which means that they were popular with the buying public when produced. A few are "well done", ie, good performers. Depending on definitions, there could be more "rare" models than "common" ones.

This Bulova clock radio on the right has an interesting feature: The radio dial is part of the clock dial. Most clock radios have these as separate dials.


A boring Catalin


"well done"

model T1140A

Olympic LP163, 6-501

"well done".

RCA 9X571
In the RCA 8X541, try using a 12SG7 in place of the 12SK7 in the IF stage. Should produce twice the gain on weak signals. Check for birdies and oscillations on weak ststions.

I've seen a lot of RCA AA5s with this particular circuit board layout.