A boring Catalin

black blue
ivory green red

Dark brown. Cross eye 3D image.



The 706, 708, 713 and 788 all use the same chassis.

Caution, screwheads on bottom of cabinet of the
578A are directly connected to the powerline!

An AM/FM prewar set, this one by Emerson.

Except for the AM/FM set, all these below Emerson tube radios use the same circuit board. This board has the IF tube input biased to ground instead of the AVC line. The 708s above, though a point to point wired chassis, did this too. Thus there is no point in using a remote cutoff pentode (12BA6) for the IF stage as its gain is not varied. So I replaced the 12BA6s with some 12AU6s (sharp cutoff pentode) I had many of. This reduces "modulation rise" distortion products in the amplified signal.

model G1705

Next three sets are solid state:

Bought new April 1986, traveled to Australia

My father built this Eico HFT90 FM tuner back in the early 1960's. He mounted it in a 19 inch rack mount panel. It was used everyday for about 35 years. Retubed, still works!

A vintage capacitor resistor measurement machine: