Radios made in and for foreign lands. Not radios made in foreign lands for the American market, but for domestic markets in foreign countries.

Quite similar to an AA5, except for the use of a power transformer. 6BE6, 6BA6, 6AV6, 6AQ5, 6X4. Internal loopstick antenna. This set is quite happy with American 240V 60Hz, fed by an old American 3 pin outlet using the Aussie power plug pattern. These predate our modern American 3 pin grounded outlets.

A transistor radio:

Closeup of the above dial with Australian radio station callsigns ↓ . American made Aussie style extension cord outlet ↖

Also from Australia:

From 1950. This set uses a 6A8G, 6U7G, 6B6G, 6V6GT and 5Y3GT

And a closeup of its dial, also with Australian radio station callsigns:
If the Earth were transparent, this is what these radios' homeland would look like from my place in NJ USA.

conversely, the USA from Australia
The Unisphere at the '64 -'65 New York World's Fair.

the "baby" model 1001: The little map of Australia on the dial is a nice touch. It uses a 6A8 converter, an EBF2GT IF amp and detector, an EL33 audio power output, and a 5Y3 rectifier. See the schematic here.

American plugs that use the Aussie plug pattern. From the H&H wiring devices catalog X, 1940:

Look at device #7445, Aussie plugs would fit. And plug #7440 would fit Aussie power points.
A Philco radio from New Zealand:

Like Australian radios, this one has radio station callsigns on the dial (#xx format). Runs on 240VAC, has a power transformer, uses 4 tubes: ECH42, EAF42, EL41 and EZ40.
A Philco Tropic radio from Lima Peru:
Mainland China:
Tube lineup: 6А2П pentagrid converter (similar to a 6BE6), 6А4П IF amp remote cutoff pentode, 6К2П twin triode used as a detector and first audio, 6Н1П audio output, EM80 eye tube(6Е1П), and 6Ц4П double anode kenotron (rectifier).


Tube numbers mostly match, the EM80 appears to be a replacement of a 6Е1П. Someone had shorted two of the three caps across the oscillator coils to disable SW reception. So the owner wouldn't hear the lies from America?





A closeup of the dial, calibrated with city names as per the "plan de Copenhague"


Roberts Colourstream FM and digital audio broadcast (which the USA doesn't have) receiver and ethernet/wifi Internet radio station streamer. Here in New Jersey, USA, it's streaming 4KQ Brisbane, QLD, Australia. Back says 230V@50Hz, though it's happy with American 240V@60Hz.

Other devices meant for foreign lands:

A florescent touch control desk lamp. As I'm a generic white American who doesn't belong to an ethnic group, I can read only English, not Korean or Japanese. So I don't know what the label on the lamp's bottom says, probably the usual boilerplate warning consumers about high voltage and such. I can read "220V 60Hz" and figured out that "FPL-27EX-N" is the bulb it uses. Neither Ace Hardware nor Home Depot had these (the bulb in the lamp was shot) but someone on Amazon did have them from Japan. Lamp uses a European Type C plug and works fine off American 240VAC@60Hz. Its power switch is a touch controller, which are usually horrible for generating RFI, but this one seems to be pretty clean.

A small fan rated for 220VAV 50Hz, but it works fine on 240VAC@60Hz.