Olympic LP163, 6-501
LP213, 6-604
This one below sets itself to WWVB

This radio above uses no transistors unless you count the thousands of transistors inside the two IC's used.

This radio was made in mainland China. Its shortwave bands were disabled by someone who shorted the respective local oscillator coils to ground. I usually recap all my radios, but I kept this one original (still, it does work).
A Philco radio from New Zealand:
Like Australian radios, this one has radio station callsigns on the dial (#xx format). Runs on 240VAC, has a power transformer, uses 4 tubes: ECH42, EAF42, EL41 and EZ40.
A Philco Tropic radio from Lima Peru:

This above right Philco looks a little like Robby the robot.

model 54C, chassis 59

A "special services" radio set. Standard Broadcast & 1700 to 3400kHz. Heard KXOL-1660, WWV-2500 and WWCR-3210 listening in Silicon Valley, CA

A modern Philco:

We once had a Philco fridge.

This T601 has the FM band channel numbers on the dial, in addition to the frequencies.