Old Plastic Tube Radios

An Admiral FM only radio
Australia: Right: an Admiral AA4
The AWA is quite similar to an AA5, except for the use of a power transformer. 6BE6, 6BA6, 6AV6, 6AQ5, 6X4. Internal loopstick antenna.

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Another nice set: A Hallicrafters that isn't a boatanchor.

Couple of tube portables

Another Japanese made tube radio, "Hyper" brand FM/AM. Not a great choice of brand name.


Motorola 7 tube AM radio:

"Well done" radios.


Separate tuning for AM and FM

This Sylvania uses the same chassis as the above Philco:

A "special services" radio set. Standard Broadcast & 1700 to 3400kHz. Heard KXOL-1660, WWV-2500 and WWCR-3210 listening in Silicon Valley, CA

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Another FM only set:

A Silvertone FM only:

A Silvertone 4204 AM/FM
Note AM and FM markings on this set's dial. For AM, the pointer moves and frequency markings stay still. For FM, the frequency markings are on the bottom half of the moving portion of the dial, and these move past a stationary pointer.

This Silvertone and this Sylvania AM radios use 100ma heater string AA5 tubes


Spartan model 369 tube AA5 radio

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