My trip to Australia back in April 1986. I also taped some radio airchecks during my trip

No, I really didn't see a table radio atop a table land

First stop was Cairns

At first I thought this was an adult movie theater, with the "XXXX" signs.

Mt Ebenezer,,, After Cairns we went to Alice Springs by air, then by bus to Ayers Rock. We passed these places on the way. There was a partial solar eclipse April 9th, here as it would look like seen from the Sun. That's the Moon's farside you see.

When it got dark, we saw Haley's Comet.
and the Large Magellanic Cloud and Small Magellanic Cloud

Then Melbourne.

Only place we saw kangaroos was at the zoo. And an Aussie sundial, the shadow goes counterclockwise!
And some birds too

and Sydney.

Our tour guide told us that the local kids call this place the American Embassy...