Topps "Space Cards"

A few space scenes from the Topps trading card Corp's 1958 series "Space Cards"
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Their conception of a LEM, not too unreasonable. You'd need an atmosphere as thick as Earth's to support lunar mists like these!

This was back when it was thought Mercury kept one side towards the Sun. Note the quite sharp transision from sunbaked day side to cold nightside in this picture. Also note the shadow of the frying pan implying the Sun is high in the sky. Also the astronaut is sitting on a boulder that the Sun somehow doesn't "see", a meter or so from the dayside! And the thick atmosphere making a bright dayside sky. :-)

Here the artist thought of Jupiter having a hard surface you could land and walk on. Though hurricanes might be an issue when man lands on Saturn's moon Titan, which has an atmosphere thicker than Earth's.

A couple of scenes of Saturn and Pluto, looks similar to Chesley Bonestell's work!

Designing a spacesuit for use in very cold environments like the above should be quite a challange!

I realize that some graphic artist at Topps was given this assignment to make a set of 88 cards depicting the space age. Someone who usually did artwork for baseball cards. And it looks like he went to the library and borrowed books featuring Chesley Bonestell's artwork, like Willy Ley's 1949 book _Conquest of Space_.