Radio jingles and other WAV and MP3 files

A few Australian radio station jingles, from April 1986:
3XY + another 3XY + 3 triple R + 2WS + EON FM
A Weet Bix commercial from Australia, April 1986

A few New York City radio station jingles:
WOR-FM: callsign and another callsign
More Music, WOR-FM: up tempo and down tempo
WPLJ back in 1979 - 80, montage of covered songs, another of dis-similar songs that sound similar.
WPLJ jingles from the Summer of 95, Summer of 95 point 5, WPLJ and two more from the same time as a CHR station: callsign and another callsign .
Here's a short aircheck from WCBS-FM a half year before they became an oldies station.
WABC UN-talk radio, late '60's.

And anyone from New York City metro area in the 60's and 70's will remember the WABC Chime jingle!
Ron Lundy and Dan Ingram doing a Bohack supermarket commercial
And know the afternoon jock Dan Ingram, here he goofs on Donna Summer's _Love to Love You_ (telescoped to the good parts).

In AM stereo: 960 KABL (Oakland, CA) Another KABL clip
Record this on your answering machine at the beginning of your announcement tape. It's that set of tones that you hear when you dial an out of service phone number. When a telemarketer calls your number and gets the machine, his dialing equipment will think your number is not in service, and hang up. And remove you from his list.

Better dead than red, kill a commie for your mommy.