Stereoscopic image of an Olympic LP163 6-501 bakelite AM AA5 radio. Crosseyed mode: right eye focus on left side, left eye focus on right side. While focusing on your computer screen, hold your finger so its image is just under the radio's dial, left eye sees it under dial on right side picture, right eye sees it under dial on left side picture. Now focus on your finger, and the pair of radio images should merge, and then you should now see the radio in

My RCA 8X541 AA5 in cross mode 3D.

Not in my collection, a Stewart Warner 91-513 in 3D, cross eye mode. timsbiz

An AA5 circuit board from a GE clock radio, cross eye mode.

Radio using compactron tubes, cross eye.

Nothing beats a Ma Bell phone, WE 500, cross eye.

by "old_technology", cross eye

An Australian radio, Astor, taken by blueleparc. cross eye.

Amico, by Joe Haupt. cross eye.

Viscount, by Gregg Draudt

An Aussie radio I do have, Tasma 1001

Dark brown. Cross eye 3D image.

Person held fast in a latex rubber vacuum cube, cross eye.

Rubberman, cross eye - Emerson 850, parallel eye mode, not in my collection. lilthug

Also not in my collection, cross eyed mode.

Not in collection, cross eye

More not....

And not in my collection.

Crosseye, not in collection

None in collection, by peanuts-in-jersey. Crosseye

An Airline 94KR1520A taken by "paperboy", not in my collection. Cross-eye.

More not in collection: cross eye

lexie1 Cross eye

And another not in collection (cross eye):

Nor this

A Motorola set taken by Bobgiar, not in my collection, cross eye. Pictures are sideways because the photographer moved upwards instead of sideways between pictures. Down is to the right in these.


I have one of these. Cross eye. ljessicsa

Not in my...., crosseye.

Yet another not...., crosseye

A Smokerette SR600W that's not in my collection. pvantiques. Cross eye mode.

General Electric model 414F, cross eye, taken by tysrus, not in the collection.

Not in my collection, an Emerson model 214. Cross eye mode. toysboy888.

And yet another not in collection. Firestone. by Oldfangledaudio. Cross eye.

A Philco 48-230 not in collection, by bestvacman. Crosseye.

by, not in collection, crosseye

another by, Airline 14br736a, not in collection, crosseye

A Farnsworth AT21 not in the collection, by stp66. Crosseye.

RCA's attempted video format in the '80's, CED Videodisc.


x eye

Comet Wild NASA

Eros 433 in 3D. Cross eye. NEAR spaceprobe pix.

The Moon in 3D (cross eye mode)

These plagiarized from Astronomy, but converted to X eye mode:

Crater on Saturn's moon Rhea, Cassini photo (cross eye mode)

Below is an old space exploration scene by Quinn, made into 3-D:
Saturn is flat because it's too far away for stereoscopic vision
to see it in 3-D. Cross eye mode.

Note, the pictures of radios "not in my collection" were copied off the 'net, usually from Ebay. They were by other photographers (credited via their Ebay names) who had not realized they created stereosopic pairs with the pairs of pictures they took.