Single tube "AA5" radio, what if?

What if solid state electronics never happened? A single tube AA5 radio? Tube using compactron style construction?

What would an AM tube radio look like if the solid state electronics revolution never happened? Maybe a single "application specific vacuum tube" (ASVT)? would have been developed, here called the "117AA16". Of course, this never happened, but for fun I made up the above diagram to show what I think it might have looked like. Tube probably would have wire leads and be soldered to the board. Tube burns out, toss radio. Sub-mini tubes are very reliable, so long life tubes can be done. Some resistances of the radio would be pieces of heater inside the tube (this was done inside the 35W4 to have series resistance for the rectifier). Resistances for the output section cathode, and maybe another for the IF section cathode. And the 1K resistor in the B+ supply. Put the heat from that resistor to work warming a cathode some more.