Clock Radios

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This Bulova clock radio on the right has an interesting feature: The radio dial is part of the clock dial. Most clock radios have these as seperate dials.

On the right is a clock radio/ CD player of the 90's


Orginal tubes in this set datecoded 65-17

model G1705
This above radio also came in pink.

GE C435A

This AM/FM "hot chassis" radio uses both tubes and transistors!

Combination digital clock and digitally tuned radio receiver. Keyboard gets dirty quickly, making keys inoperative. Long term fix: disassemble keypad, clean contacts, then place a plastic sheet (cut from a zip-lock bag) between the metal keytops and the black foam holding the plastic keytops in place. Did this 4 years ago, keyboard still works fine.
A stereo digital time and tuned clock radio
Magnavox ↓ →
Digital clock radio, analog tuned

"hot chassis"

with florescent display, 220V 60Hz power

This one below sets itself to WWVB

Clock radio at right was modified using three compactron tubes in place of the usual AA5 tubes. Click here for a description and schematic diagram of this radio.

Realtone solid state "hot chassis" AM/FM


This clock radio has a date function with years ranging from 2000 to 2049.

A clock radio/TV

This Truetone is virtually identical to my brother's Lafayette set.

It's not a television set!

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