A nice Sony CRF230B shortwave luggable set (below), and an AM/FM stereo tuner (right)

More transistors

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A Silvertone FM only:

A Silvertone 4204 AM/FM
Note AM and FM markings on this set's dial. For AM, the pointer moves and frequency markings stay still. For FM, the frequency markings are on the bottom half of the moving portion of the dial, and these move past a stationary pointer.

These "balanced stereo speakers" in this Silvertone are just a pair of identical speakers wired in parallel, fed from a mono signal. This is rather misleading advertising...

This Silvertone 5001 and this Sylvania 5C12 AM radios use 100ma heater string AA5 tubes

This AM/FM Silvertone had all its "sand" removed.
(No AFC before or after mods)
Now all tube:
17C9 FM front end
12BE6 AM front end
6BJ6 AM/ 1st FM IF
12BZ6 2nd FM IF (for additional gain)
12AL5 FM detector (this used to be sand)
6AQ6 AM det/ 1st audio (less heater voltage)
25F5 audio output (less heater voltage)
35W4 rectifier
All tubes 150ma heater current

A pre-war hot chassis Silvertone. I replaced the "curtain burner" cord with a 50 ohm power resistor and a 1N4007 diode (no filter cap) installed inside in series with the heaters. But this means no DC mode is usable (there is an "AC or DC" selection switch" on the bottom of the set accessable thru a hole in the base plate).

A clock radio/TV
A Silvertone transistor:

Spartan model 369 tube AA5 radio

A European tube import
A Steelman 4AR12 console set, AM and phono:

From Spain:

A quarter track reel-to-reel my brother and I had in the 60's.
Its specs claimed 40 dB minimum SNR! American made. Found a picture of it, see below:

A boombox with shortwave bands, as well as AM, FM stereo and a cassette deck:

It's actually pretty good on AM.