Sub-mini "pencil" tube data - AA5 radio history
AM tube radio using sub-mini's, --- compactrons---Using both
Old electric clocks page ---- CD player tube mod, simulation
Dyna SCA35 schematic diagrams and modifications page
Coax table, ---- AM stereo mod for home systems
Tube audio output amp circuit in an old Sony STR-D2020 SS receiver
my Old Radios picture web site

What if: Engineering design modifications to AA5 AM radios to run on 240V AC
Radio cabinet styling WHAT IF for the late 50's
Operate an AA5 AM radio on 100V AC: diagram
Modify the AM detector in an AA5 for better modulation acceptance and fidelity
Negative feedback in AA5 audio amps
Hi Fi wideband broadcast AM reception mods for AM/FM stereo tuners and receivers

Extending the tuning range of older PLL tuned AM MW radios
Variable and random brightness Xmas lights, c6 longer life mod And a small tree using NE-2 neon bulbs
another Semi-random LED flashing Christmas circuit
nearly equal spaced frequency AM dial
Heater voltage dropping capacitor, how to select
AA5 radio sensitivity enhancements page.
Electronic vacuum tube volume control using dual control pentodes and a remote control DC bias.
More electronic vacuum tube volume controls using common tubes: either a 6HS8 TV tube or 6BE6 pentagrid radio tubes, and a remote control DC bias.
FM MPX Stereo demodulator using TV tubes like the 6HS8, with PLL stereo demod chips (to recover the 38KHz demultiplex frequency).
Modifying CD players so the DAC chips inside drive tube amplifiers directly without op-amp circuits.
What if: Radio that never was, single tube "AA5"
Some vacuum tube Spice 3f4 models I made up.
And some vacuum tube spice 3f4 models from elsewhere on the 'net.
And some done by Andrei Frolov
And some done using Andrei Frolov's software
And a zip file of some from Ayumi's Lab
And another zip file again from Ayumi's Lab
If you can read Japanese: Ayumi's Lab web page, I can't read it, but it looks interesting
RADIO LINKS to other web sites, lots of 'em!
Power and Streetlights
My Patents


July 1987 (back before the world wide web existed) to Jan 1991:
Discovered newsgroups late '87, unix based "rn" newsreader

April 1991 to April 1993:
Unix "rn" again, at 1200 baud on a VT100! With the terrible boss I had there, it was "Hell Labs"

May 1993 to 2000:
A unix shell personal account at a commercial ISP, more "rn".

Nov 1996 to now:
wanted access to the WWW, and a web page!
And back in 2008 got my own domain, Had to migrate my netcom pages to here in 2019.

Guess this makes me an Internet old-timer.